European Skin Solutions

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What We Do


First, we will discuss your skin care needs and the conditions you are  trying to address with your care. Then, I will come up with a plan best  suited to correct these conditions. If you don’t know which  treatment you need, don't worry, we’ll take the time to study your  habits and your current care, upon which I determine the facial  treatment and any modalities best suited to address and correct your  skin's condition. 

Meet Marianna


Marianna Fusekova Gibbons is a passionate skin therapist with 20 years  of experience and a proven record of success. She graduated, with  honors, from an intensive four year skin care program in Bratislava, the  capital of Slovakia. Marianna magically blends modern technology with a  traditional European approach to skin care that results in a truly  distinct experience! She continues to be on a forefront with regularly  adding new technology to her highly customized treatments as well as  creating individually customized skin care regiments with the latest in  product formulations to maximize the results.